Congress of Christian Leaders

Congress of Christian Leaders

Can Christian values and management go together? – The “Congress of Christian Leaders”, a summit conference on values and management, says YES and gives examples of how Christian business leaders can be role models both as leaders and as Christians. The Congress will present bible-based principles for economics and business and helps visitors grow as Christ-oriented leaders.

As the largest congress that deals with values in Germany, this congress motivates Christian leaders in their faith, helps develop new perspectives and is a platform for encouragement, fellowship and inspirational discussion.

More than 3.000 leaders from all types of business, from society, politics, church and social work will gather in Karlsruhe from 28.02.-02.03.2019.

Be a part of the Congress of Christian Leaders to ...

  • be encouraged for your daily business life,
  • be inspired through key note speakers and personal encounters,
  • get orientation for current challenges,
  • get connected with experts and like-minded people.


Congress of Christian Leaders, Steinbühlstr. 3, 35578 Wetzlar, Germany | +49 6441 915-555