Congress of Christian Leaders

Congress of Christian Leaders

Can Christian values and management go together? – The “Congress of Christian Leaders”, a summit conference on values and management, says YES and gives examples of how Christian business leaders can be role models both as leaders and as Christians. The Congress will present bible-based principles for economics and business and helps visitors grow as Christ-oriented leaders.

As the largest congress that deals with values in Germany, this congress motivates Christian leaders in their faith, helps develop new perspectives and is a platform for encouragement, fellowship and inspirational discussion.

More than 3.000 leaders from all types of business, from society, politics, church and social work will gather in Nuremberg from February 23rd to 25th 2017.

REGISTER NOW and be a part of the Congress of Christian Leaders to ...

  • be encouraged for your daily business life,
  • be inspired through key note speakers and personal encounters,
  • get orientation for current challenges,
  • get connected with experts and like-minded people.


The congress language is German. All plenary sessions (morning and evening) will be translated into English via central interpreters. When you register please let us know if you need translation so that we can provide headphones for you.

For attending one of the many seminars in the afternoon please feel free to ask other participants to translate for you. Most visitors are fluent in English and willing to help.


Thursday | 23. February 2017



National states or European Union? Europes unclear future

Prof. Dr. Michael Hüther, director of the "Institute of the German Economy"

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Grey Zone Leadership - a conflict of values

Dr.-Ing. E.h. Friedhelm Loh, owner of the Friedhelm Loh Group
Prof. Dr. Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, chairman of the Evangelical Church in Germany, bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria
Dr. Michael Inacker, chairman of the WMP-EuroCom Corp., chairman of the Martin Luther Foundation




This way Europe has a future - Back to the roots

Prof. Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi, philosopher, deemed as “India’s leading Christian intellectual”




Seminars I

Seminar overview (German)

Seminars II

Seminar overview (German)

Forum for family-owned enterprises




Award ceremony of the "Award for Christian Leaders"

Evening programme

Perspectives and personalities

Alexander Thies, film producer (Luther, Bonhoeffer – Agent of Grace)
Renate Menneke, painter, artist
Prof. Dr. Tilman Jäger



Friday | 24. February 2017


Morning Worship

Word for the day

Franziska Stocker-Schwarz, evangelical theologian, leader of the Bible Museum Stuttgart

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Relational Business - Why it matters to God and matters for business

Dr. Michael Schluter, World Bank economist

Exemplary responsibility

Sebastian Loh, owner Hailo-Werk Rudolf Loh GmbH & Co. KG
Martin Dürrstein, chairman Dürr Dental AG




The value of Christian ethics in the global competition

Dr. Philipp Rösler, CEO & board member of the World Economic Forum, Federal Minister of Economy (retired)

Kick-off: „Values offensive in sports"

Sportler ruft Sportler, SRS




Session by the network “Future needs values”

Markus Söder, Bavarian minister of state


Faith – Freedom – Responsibility

Begegnung und Austausch mit Führungskräften in christlichen Wirtschaftsverbänden


Forums: Shaping the future in a changing society

Seminar overview (German)



Evening programme

Life stories



Saturday | 25. February 2017


Morning worship

Word for the day

Bernhard Meuser, Director of the international YOUCAT Foundation

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Stand up for leadership

Stephan Werhahn, Ph.D. M.Sc., Managing partner Chandelier GmbH

Stand up for fundamental decisions

Alfred E. Rieck

Stand up for commitment

Prof. Dr. Klaus Henning, senior advisor OSTO® Systemberatung GmbH




Stand up for thankfulness

Dr. Andrea M. Schneider, acting head of political planning, basic issues, special tasks in the German Chancellery

Risk living out more values

Horst Marquardt, chairman Congress of Christian Leaders

Accepting challenges

Martin Scheuermann, director of the Christian Guest House Schönblick


End of congress

Additional Offers

Young Professionals
Young Leaders are offered a bunch of extras at the Congress of Christian Leaders! If you are under the age of 35 you are welcome to start the congress with a Get Together in the Young Professionals Lounge, attend the extra programme in the YP-Lounge, benefit from a 30-minute-coaching or an image consulting. For detailed information please contact Dorothea Walter.

Congress exhibition
Discover a broad spectrum of more than 200 organizations in the congress exhibition and find out more about their work and their products. The exhibition is also an ideal platform to network and make new contacts.

We offer counseling and spiritual guidance to all congress visitors. Please ask at the desk for an English-speaking counselor.

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Talking to God in prayer can be a turning point in life. Visit one of the prayer chapels to pray with our staff or to receive a blessing.

Visit Nuremberg
If you want to do some sightseeing, visit a museum or just stroll through the city of Nuremberg, you find more information at Nuremberg Tourism.

International Lounge

The world is becoming more global. This is true for both the working and personal life.

Whoever has an interest in people, trends and topics from around the world, has the opportunity to meet representatives of international organisations, initiatives and networks in the International Lounge in midst of the exhibition hall. You can also get ideas for the work with Christian leaders both nationally and internationally.

Moderated by Timo Plutschinski, Director of the Business Coalition at the World Evangelical Alliance and member of the wider WEA leadership team, interview guests from international politics, business and the church will have their say and will be available for further discussions and exchanging of ideas.

A detailed programme can be found on the TV screen at the entrance to the Lounge.


Fees per person prior to June 30th 2016 prior to Dec 31st 2016 from Jan 1st 2017
Single attendee 328 € 418 € 498 €
Married couples 298 € 398 € 448 €
Groups (5 or more participants) 278 € 378 € ---
Students * 98 € 128 € 138 €

* Please remember to attach your certificate of enrolment to your registration.

To cancel your registration, send an email stating your intent to cancel to

Single attendee/Married couples/Students: Requests received by November 30th 2016 will incur a cancellation fee of 40 €, requests received from Dezember 1st 2016 to January 31st 2017 will incur a cancellation fee of 100 €. Later cancellations cannot be processed.

Group member: Requests received by January 31st 2017 will incur a cancellation fee of 120 €. Later cancellations cannot be processed.


To register as single attendee, married couple or student, please use this REGISTRATION FORM.

To register as a group of 5 or more please send us an email with first and last names, adresses, email-adresses and a billing adress. 

When you register please let us know if you need translation so that we can provide headphones for you.



Congress Statement

We, the participants of the Congress of Christian Leaders, seek to live according to God’s standards as exemplified in the Ten Commandments.

A society is efficient and social when it knows it will one day be responsible to God for everything it does or does not do. The preamble of the German constitution is similar with its statement, “Responsible before God and man.”

We are convinced: Economical behavior requires Christian values to take the lead.

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Those guided by God’s standards strive to have integrity, honesty, diligence, dependability, compassion and fairness evident in all areas of their life.

Integrity and Honesty: Truthfulness, transparency and mutual trust is the only possible way to live in a successful economic and social cohabitation. Words and actions must correspond with each other.

Diligence and Dependability: This includes loyalty, keeping promises and fulfilling contracts as well as being committed to do our best.

Compassion and Fairness: Successful cohabitation demands mutual understanding, being supportive and tolerant; the desire to forgive mistakes and the willingness to give others what is rightfully theirs.

Those guided by God’s standards reject corruption and fraud, unfair wages, excessive salaries and severance pay, greed and envy, avarice and slander.

“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.” (1 Timothy 6:10a)

Those guided by God’s standards fight for the protection of property, the environment and keeping Sundays as a day of rest as well as being committed to the public good.

The protection of property: Property ownership is an integral part of freedom and is one of the fundamental rights of mankind. Therefore, it is correct to protect property in both material and intellectual forms. Debt on private, professional or state levels poses the danger of bonds and dependencies.

The environment: The earth’s resources are there to serve all mankind. The use of energy, water and food has its limitations.

“The earth is the natural habitat for mankind and all of creation, not an endless commodity available for the taking.” (Denkschrift der EKD “Gemeinwohl und Eigennutz”)

Sunday is a day of rest: God has given us a weekly day of rest to keep our body and soul in a healthy balance. The command to rest is not an end in itself, but rather ensures that work does not devour us.

The public good: Society functions upon the willingness and activities of individuals. It is obligated to help those in need whenever necessary. It has the task to not only encourage education and training, but rather to advance training on the broadest level. “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” (John F. Kennedy)

Those guided by God’s standards promote marriages, families and children as the foundation of society.

A responsible community seeking to establish a stable foundation must invest in families because they are the core of growth and development. It is committed to protect unborn children as well as the sick, disabled and the elderly.

Those guided by God’s standards encourage other citizens to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ gives forgiveness and a new beginning, fearlessness and tranquility, strength for good and bad days, courage and hope, safety and comfort in life and death.

Christians in all churches and fellowships should work together and pray for each other.


Congress of Christian Leaders, Steinbühlstr. 3, 35578 Wetzlar, Germany | +49 6441 915-555